HDC Community Fund Loans

The Pines

About our loan recipient: Based in East Portland, Human Solutions eliminates barriers to escaping poverty through emergency family shelter, job training, affordable housing, eviction prevention, and emergency household assistance. Human Solutions owns 608 units of affordable housing, and its services touched the lives of 88,000 people last year.

About this project: Owned and operated by Humans Solutions since 1994, The Pines is a 66-unit apartment complex that provides affordable housing to low-income families and individuals in the high-poverty area of Rockwood. In 2012 Human Solutions undertook a major renovation of the property, including a complete replacement of the building envelope. The overhaul addressed water intrusion and mold issues, improved indoor air quality, and ensured the project will serve residents for decades to come.

Why we're invested: In the process of rehabbing the Pines apartments, Human Solutions uncovered mold damage in excess of original estimates, creating a temporary budget shortfall. A short-term loan from HDC Community Fund kept the project on schedule until other, permanent funding sources were released, and enabled temporarily relocated residents to return home on time.

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