Kateri Park renovation will correct construction defects, preserve affordable homes for low-income immigrant families.
Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Caritas Housing Initiatives has closed funding and started renovations on Kateri Park. The 50-unit apartment building in inner Southeast Portland provides affordable homes to low-income households, 80% of which are immigrant refugee families, and includes 20 project-based Section 8 units serving very-low-income and extremely-low-income residents.

Housing Development Center provided finance services and is acting as owner’s rep for the renovation, which will correct construction defects that have caused water leaks, deterioration of deck systems, and direct and indirect safety threats to residents.

Kateri Park was built in 2005. An earlier renovation, using funds from a 2011 settlement with the builder, corrected some of the construction defects. The current renovation (Phase Two), funded with a GHAP grant from Oregon Housing and Community Services, will address the remaining issues. HDC is pleased to be working with Catholic Charities and O’Neill Construction Group to bring this important project to completion.

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