Risk Mitigation Pool

Lowering barriers to housing the chronically homeless

  • HDC - Risk Mitigation Pool
  • HDC - Risk Mitigation Pool

Housing tightly linked to social services—also called “permanent supportive housing,” or PSH—helps chronically homeless individuals stabilize their lives. In a PSH setting, residents have access to services that help them cope with conditions that act as barriers to housing, such as physical disabilities, mental illness, and substance addiction. And when permanent supportive housing is available, communities spend less money on homeless services overall.

Yet owners of PSH projects face unique financial risks. For instance, residents with mental illness have an increased likelihood of causing property damage or falling behind on rent—events which, if they add up too quickly, could prove financially devastating to a housing project. That’s why the City of Portland created the Risk Mitigation Pool: an $800,000 fund that reimburses project owners for unusual property repair costs and operational losses associated with housing the chronically homeless.

On behalf of the Portland Housing Bureau, Housing Development Center was selected in a competitive process to administer the Risk Mitigation Pool. Serving 18 PSH providers and 730 eligible housing units, we’ve processed 38 claims since the pool was established in 2005, helping to ease property owners’ financial distress while keeping critical housing resources in service. Another great example of the power of partnership, the Risk Mitigation Pool is a small investment that leverages big results.

Are you an RMP participating organization? You can access claim forms and instructions by clicking here.