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We help affordable housing and human service providers develop and sustain mission-critical properties

  • Glisan Commons

    New service-enhanced
    housing in Newberg

    At Deskins Commons, a renovated historic farmhouse anchors a 3-acre development serving working families and people with chronic mental illness.

  • Glisan Commons

    Innovative partnership
    in Gateway

    At Glisan Commons and Gilman Court, three nonprofits join forces to provide transit access services linked to affordable workforce and senior housing.

  • Orchards at Orenco

    Raising the bar for green affordable housing

    Low-income families save on energy and transit costs at Orchards at Orenco, the largest Passive House multifamily housing structure in North America.

Annual income an elderly individual needs to meet basic living expenses in Oregon: 


Let’s take a step toward equitable housing access by passing measures 26-199 and 102! Here’s how HDC and our partners are supporting the campaign.
Monday, October 22, 2018
Affordable housing providers serving diverse Oregon communities form the first cohort of BAMS, HDC’s holistic asset-management training program.
Monday, July 23, 2018

Seven affordable housing providers from across Oregon will participate in Building Asset Management Solutions (BAMS), a new holistic training program that builds organizational capacity to manage affordable housing portfolios for long-term financial and physical health. The 15-month program is offered by Housing Development Center and funded by Meyer Memorial Trust. 

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Meyer grant will support new HDC program to build organizational capacity in asset management.
Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Housing Development Center is pleased to announce receipt of a major new funding commitment from Meyer Memorial Trust. The $109,400 award will support Housing Development Center’s work to develop and deliver Building Asset Management Solutions (BAMS), a new program to build the capacity of affordable-housing owners to manage their properties’ financial and physical health. 

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